Do the Brits Do It Better?

June 3rd, 2008 by Jencala , Category : News

Ok, I’ve become somewhat of an Anglophile lately, but I’m sure many have to agree that American tv has just been plain crappy lately.

When they start promoting a remake of Beverly Hills 90210 that includes some of the original cast, you know you have hit rock bottom and are desperate for new show ideas!

I’ve always enjoyed British comedy and remember watching Benny Hill and Monty Python growing up, but the new series that I’ve watched are just plain amazing and are so much better than the repetitive, mindless drabble that has graced our screens as of late. Shows like Doctor Who, Torchwood and the like are just well-written, well-acted, and completely superior to the ridiculous plots of shows like Desperate Housewives , Grey’s Anatomy, and don’t get me started on Lost! I enjoyed Lost at the beginning, but after several seasons of more questions than answers, I don’t even care anymore why or how some made it off the crazy island! Can I just suggest that the mysterious island monster do away with all of the characters? Well, save Sawyer at least, because I have no problem drooling over his amazing body for an entire hour.

It’s time we have more shows like Al Murray’s Happy Hour and cut out the attempts of David Letterman and Jay Leno to be funny, and can we try a show like ManChild instead of watching the same scantily clad anorexic teenagers disrobe on show after show? Seriously, wasn’t The OC the same show as One Tree Hill with just a different name?

I much prefer the wit of the Brit The Office to the US version, and in my reality the 2 seasons of the Brit version more than trump the American attempt at the same show. Even Top Gear is great and I love to drool over the things I can never afford!

I’m sure some of my love for Brit tv has to do with my unabashed orgasmic delight of a British accent, but I’d rather have to change my “knickers” at the sound of Gareth David Lloyd offering a ‘spot of tea” than roll my eyes at Ryan Seacrest’s announcement of the “next American Idol is…”.

So as I’m boarding my British Airways flight to cross “the pond” in search of better entertainment, check out BBC America for witty comedies and suspenseful drama mixed in with that amazingly sexy British accent.

It’s bloody well worth it!

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