Topp’s Hollywood Zombies

June 27th, 2007 by Rene , Category : News

Hollywood Zombies 

If your a fan of Topp’s 80′s Garbage Pail kid baseball cards then you should check out their latest offering Hollywood Zombies. A collection of cards featuring a slew of your favorite big name celebrities as the walking dead. The set pack includes such names as Tom Ooze, Paris Hellton and the twins, Scary-Kate and Trashley Olsen. Each card is beautifully rendered by such artists as Drew Friedman, Richard Williams, Herman Mejia, Mark Stutzman, Mark Fredrickson, Luis Diaz a local Miami artist who has previously done work on the Garbage Pail Kid series, and many more! There are 72 cards in the set, plus rare foil parallels and glow-in-the-dark mug shots. 7 Cards to a pack. Each pack comes new and unopened. Check out the Topp’s Hollywood Zombies website for more details.

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